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Tooth Tamer Rods carry a 90 day over-the-counter warranty

Tooth Tamer Rods are covered by our unconditional original owner lifetime warranty. This warranty is limited to repair and replacement of the rod and does not cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or any other type of damage resulting from the use of the product. Should a problem arise with your rod during the first 90 days due to defects in material or workmanship of the rod blank, return the rod to the dealer from which you bought the rod for an over-the-counter replacement. The warranty period begins from your date of purchase. The warranty does not cover fire, theft, loss, intentional breakage, modification or customization of the finished rod.

Most warranty failure due to material or workmanship defects happen within the first few uses. If the rod fails after the first 90 days, we will replace the rod for $55.00 USD,  plus shipping and handling. You will need to ship the entire rod along with the proof of purchase and payment to:

Tooth Tamer Rods
W16531 Crystal Valley Road
Galesville, WI. 54630
507-450-5744 / 608-582-4750

The lifetime original owner warrant applies to Muskie & Walleye Rods and for the original owner only. Tooth Tamer reserves the right to repair or to replace the rod for a warranty fee of $55.00 USD plus shipping and handling, and Tooth Tamer Rods reserves the right to make that determination. Rods that become damaged due to normal wear, accident, misuse or neglect are not covered.  

Tooth Tamer Fishing Rods are a premium line of the finest freshwater fishing rods designed for the serious Muskie,Walleye and Bass angler. As anglers we know that people who enjoy the sport of fishing come to expect value and unmatched quality when purchasing a new fishing rod. Each and every Tooth Tamer Fishing Rod is designed to meet these specific requirements of the Muskie, Walleye and Bass fishing community.

All of Tooth Tamer Fishing Rods contain only the finest components, our rod blanks are constructed of a blend of high quality graphite and fiberglass that can sense the lightest touch and deliver unequaled power and cast control. High quality Minima 3by Pac Bay line guide inserts allows unhindered line flow using the new super braids and the sensitivity required for light monofilament line. Webo reel seats secure your reel at the rod pivot point allowing the angler total feel and control while casting, working a lure or live bait rigging. The long synthetic cork handle was designed for both Muskie and Walleye anglers alike, leverage for the hookset and grip required for a boatside figure 8.

Tooth Tamer Fishing Rods are constantly being tested by our own pro staff who put our rods through rigorous on the water testing paces to maintain our standards. We are confident in the quality of our rods that we offer a unconditional original owner lifetime warranty.

Please visit the Dealer page to find the nearest store to you for all your rod needs!  Feel free to contact us with questions or availability!


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