Big Game Series & Colors

6” Surface Twitch

2 oz. Running depth of 0-2’
Replacement Hook Size 3/0 Mustad

7” Balsa Twitch
1 5/8 oz. Running depth of 0-5’
Replacement Hook Size 1/0 Mustad

8" Surface Twitch
2 1/4 oz. Running depth of 0-2’
Replacement Hook Size 2/0 Mustad

9” Balsa Twitch
3 oz. Running depth of 0-5’
Replacement Hook Size 3/0 Mustad

12" Balsa Crank
4.2 oz. Running depth of 0 - 15'
Replacement Hook Size 5/0 Mustad

5" Scuba Diver   
Running depth of 0 - 30'
2/0 Mustad Hooks

7.5" Scuba Diver
Running depth of 0 - 30'
3/0 Mustad Hooks

10" Scuba Diver
Running depth of 0 - 30'
7/0 Mustad Hooks

About Big Game Tackle

Big Game Tackle Co. was founded in 1997 in an effort to develop a twitch bait with greater running depths, the 7 inch Big Game Tackle Co. lure was born. One year was spent prototyping the lures and field testing them on Indiana musky waters. The first lures made available to the public were sold through Peppers Sports in Illinois in 1998.

Big Game Tackle Co. lures first appeared in the nationwide mail order musky catalog Rollie and Helen’s as early as 1999. That same year the lures were made available through Thorne Brothers Musky Shop in Minnesota. After some encouragement from musky anglers and from retailers to add more sizes to the line Alex prototyped and field tested the 5 inch and 9 inch Big Game Tackle Co. lures. These lures were not made available to the public until 2002.

Big Game Tackle Co. took a brief hiatus in 2000-2001 after the birth of Alex’s daughter. In 2001 Alex entered a partnership with Tony Spicker and a new era of Big Game Tackle lures were born. With Tony on board, the company was now ready to increase production. Big Game Tackle Co. added the 5 inch and 9 inch models to the line and took on several more retail stores which included the historic Hayward Wisconsin tackle shop Pastika’s. After increasing feedback in that area for a super shallow running lure, Tony and Alex developed and prototyped the 6 inch and 8 inch surface twitch line. The lures were field tested for an entire season by northern Wisconsin area guide Ty Sennett. After perfecting the action of the baits, the surface twitch line of lures were made available to the public in 2003. The company continued to reach a larger group of anglers and the demand for the Big Game Tackle Co. lures increased.

In 2003, Alex sold the company to his good friend and boat partner Tony Spicker. Since the sale of the company Tony has continued to improve the product and expand the ranges of the Big Game Tackle Co. line of lures. The company now deals with over thirty five retailers and the lures are available world wide through Pastika’s and Rollie and Helen’s mail order catalogs. Big Game Tackle Co. lures have been mentioned in numerous fishing related magazines and are fished by several of the top guides across America and into Canada. During the summer of 2012 Bill Green of Toothtamer Rods and DreamCatcher Lures took over ownership of Big Game Lures and continues to provide the highest quality lures as Alex and Tony established. 

Big Game Tackle Co. lures are made with the highest quality components available. Including select cut balsa wood, Witchcraft lure eyes, and Mustad extra strong round bend hooks. All of our lures are hand crafted with stainless steel through wire construction and super strong Lexan diving lips. Our hand-painted finishes are epoxy coated to ensure lasting durability. Our balsa twitch series lures are specially weighted to provide a slower and more horizontal rise to the action of the lure making them especially effective at triggering muskies at boat side. Our surface twitch series are specially weighted to stay up high for working on or just under the surface.

Big Game Tackle Scuba Divers are also made with the highest quality components, select cedar wood, withcraft lure eyes, Mustad hooks. We use stainless wire and screw eyes for all three sizes, 3/16 thick on the 7.5 and 10 inch and 1/8th on the 5 inch. All of our lures are hand painted and epoxyed to ensure lasting durability. All three sizes will achive 30+ of depth.

Custom Colors and Show Colors Periodically Available.

If you enjoy the thrill of big fish explosive strikes, give yourself the pleasure of casting Big Game Tackle Co. lures. The deep rich colors, superior water dynamics, durability, and tantalizing action of Big Game Tackle Co. lures ensures bone jarring strikes from trophy Muskies and Northern Pike.

For Big Game Tackle Co., performance is key. The lures run true, provide great action, and just simply catch fish. Every Big Game lure is handcrafted with careful workmanship using only the highest quality components. We invite you to explore our web site and add Big Game Tackle Co. lures to your trophy fish arsenal.

Big Game Tackle Company

Big Game Tackle


​​New to the Big Game line up - Molded Bodies with Circuit Board Lips - Made in Hayward, Wisconsin!  Now in 3 Sizes:  5", 7" and 9".  Call today to get these in your muskie line-up!!


As a service we offer direct ordering for Big Game Twitch/Crank Stock Colors and Scuba Divers.  Please also visit our dealer page to find locations to pick up your Big Game Tackle on the way to the lake!

Stock Colors Pricing

Big Game Pricing
5" -  $18.00 (twitch)

7" -  $19.00 (twitch)

9" -  $22.00 (twitch)​
6" -  $18.00 (surface twitch)
8" -  $21.00 (surface twitch)
9"-   $23.00 (Jointed crank )

12"- $28.00 (crank / twitch)

Scuba Diver Pricing
5"      -  $24.00
7.5"   -  $40.00 
10"    -  $60.00  

Big Game Real Fish Pricing
6" -  $21.00 (surface twitch)​
8" -  $24.00 (surface twitch)

5" -  $21.00 (twitch)
7" -  $22.00 (twitch)​

9" -  $25.00 (twitch)​
9"-   $26.00 (Jointed crank )
12"- $31.00 (crank / twitch)

Shipping & Tax Info

Orders 0-$50.00 add $8.00
$51.00 to 100.00 add $12.00
Wisconsin Residents only add 5.5% Sales Tax

Please Call to place orders.  Please make check or money orders payable to:
Big Game Tackle
W16531 Crystal Valley
Galesville, WI. 54630
or call (608) 582-4750 for credit card payment, we accept Visa or Mastercard. Thank You!